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Indian Society and Culture

Indian cultural history has been derived by the absorbing customs, traditions, and rituals from both invaders and immigrants. Many Indian customs, cultural practices and languages are examples of this co-mingling over centuries. It was the birthplace of many religious systems like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism which influenced not only this country but also the neighboring countries. With the following invasion of the Islamic rulers the culture of India was heavily influenced by Persian, Arabic, Turkish cultures.

The 5000 years old Indian culture is both ancient and varied. But unity in diversity which is the main mantra of Indian civilization can be seen if any one monitors its various art forms and traditional diversity.

About Marriage Culture of India

The Marriages in India is one of the significant culture who have the mixture of different cultures like, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc. The Matrimonial Services in India where marriage in traditional style with a series of elaborate and colorful rituals, which are not only enjoyable but are of great significance in combined life of both Bride and Bride groom. One of magnificent matrimonial culture is Muslim Marriages. Muslim weddings throughout the subcontinent have developed specifically Asian traditions while maintaining Islamic marriage requirements. Although Islamic marriage customs and relations vary depending on country of origin and government regulations, both Muslim men and women from around the world are guided by Islamic laws and practices specified in the Quran.

About Marriage Culture in Hyderabad

Muslim Matrimony Services in India or abroad is known as ‘Nikah’ in Urdu. It is given great importance in the religion of Islam and is even mandatory for all. Though the wedding rituals of Muslim marriage vary greatly from the Hindu religion, it significantly lays emphasis on the union of two souls. There are even varied rituals performed before and after the wedding, which lead to the completion of the ceremony. Given below is some vital information, regarding the Muslim wedding rituals.
 Pre Wedding Rituals
 The first wedding ritual is the Istikhara, wherein the religious head takes consent form Allah to perform the wedding. After it is done, the grrom’s mather visits the bride’s house with sweets and Imam-Zamin, a silver or gold coin wrapped in silken cloth. It is tied by her onto the upper portion of the girl’s hand. This is called Imam-Zamin ceremony. The next is Magni, wherein the groom’s family members visit the brie’s house with sweets and fruits. This is reciprocated by the bride’s family as well. Nowadays, the couple even exchanges rings.
 After this the Manjha ceremony takes place, in which the bride is dressed in yellow clothes and turmeric paste is applied on her body. After this, the bride is not supposed to step out of the house. Mehndi Ceremony is the next ceremony, which is held just before the marriage. During this ceremony, the hands and feet of the bride are adorned with henna designs. Subsequently, the Sanchaq ritual takes place, wherein the groom’s family sends clothes and jewelries for the bride, to be worn at Nikah and Chauthi.
 Wedding Rituals
 On the main wedding day, the Baraat leaves for the bride’s house. On the wedding venue, they are given a hearty welcome and the groom enjoys a glass of sherbet with his brother-in-law. Soon after this, the Nikah is commenced. There are two religious heads present at the place, representing the two parties. The amount of Mehar, a compulsory amount of money to be given to the bride by the groom’s family is also decided. After this, the Maulavi asks the bride three times, whether she accepts the concerned person as her husband, with settled the amount of the Mehar. 
 After her consent, the groom is asked three times, whether he accepts the concerned woman as his wife, with the decided amount of Mehar. After his consent, the Nikahnama is signed by the couple. This is followed by the recital of Khutba, a religious discourse. Blessings are showered upon the bride and the groom for a prosperous married life. Following a lavish dinner, the couple is seated fact to face each other, with their heads covered by a dupatta. The Holy Quran and a mirror placed are placed between them, through which they are allowed to see each other for the first time. This is known as Aarsi Mushaf.
 Post Wedding Rituals
 After the wedding rituals are over, the bride is bid farewell. This is called the Rukhsat ceremony. On reaching the groom’s house, his mother holds the holy Quran over the bride’s head as she enters the house. Next is the Valimah ceremony, which is a grand feast given by the groom’s guardians. Subsequently, the Chauthi custom is observed, as per which the couple visits her parental home for the first time after marriage. They are given a lavish feast and presents by the bride’s parents.

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