I’m curious where you got that definition of Feminism?
Alastair NTP Smith

I’m going to ignore the first 90% of that, because it is doing exactly what I asked you not to do, namely arguing with me about the definition of feminism. First you say you have no idea what it is and ask me for a definition, then you respond that you actually know better than me what feminism really is. I’m not engaging with you on that nonsense.

Now, as for the actual argument buried in there, which seems to be that feminism is advocating only on behalf of women. The status quo is a lack of equality, with women on the bottom. If you want equality, you have to bring the top and bottom together. No one wants to bring the top down and deny people rights, so the way to achieve equality is to advocate for the removal of discrimination and other structural problems that are keeping women from having the same rights that men currently enjoy. In other words, feminism is focused on women’s rights, because at the moment those are the ones in danger. The Civil Rights movement didn’t work toward racial equality by advocating for white people to have more rights. White people didn’t need more rights — black people did. So they advocated for black people to have more rights. That’s how fixing inequality works.

If that strategy bothers you, I suspect it’s because you actually really like the current system, where white men like you have more rights than anybody else.

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