Today, that racist hate has plenty of targets: black people, Muslim people (yes, this is racist in its roots), Jewish people (who become not-white when it suits the needs of white supremacists), Latinx people, Asian-Americans, and Native Americans.
So You Want To Fight White Supremacy
Ijeoma Oluo

Thank you for acknowledging that Jews are a (but certainly not the) target of American white supremacy. So few non-Jews are talking about the anti-Semitism we saw in Charlottesville and the anti-Jewish elements of white supremacy, and that makes us sad and afraid. We in the Jewish community are working on recognizing that those of us with conditional whiteness benefit from white privilege and have a duty to use that privilege to oppose white supremacy. Racism and anti-Semitism come from the same place in the heart of American white supremacy, and we know we won’t be able to dismantle one without addressing the other. It is heartening to see them being discussed together, as different sides of the same coin, and that gives me hope that we will be able to work together to dismantle both.

Thank you for this piece, along with all your other writing and tireless work for social justice.

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