I am really appalled at all of these so called feminists recalling all of the awful happenings that…
Diane Raucher

You seem really shocked and upset to read the stories of other women who have experienced pressure to breastfeed and shaming if they chose not to. That’s a good thing. It is genuinely upsetting to anyone, and I’m sure even more so to you because you work in this field.

But if you didn’t engage in the behavior the article is objecting to, relax. You are not being attacked. As someone who supported mothers who wanted to breastfeed without pressuring those who didn’t, you are one of the good guys.

Stop trying to defend against non-existent attacks on your profession and join the cause. Train others in your field to teach without pressure or judgment, and confront people who are doing those things. Give mothers the information they need to breastfeed if they want to, and reassure those who don’t want to breastfeed that they are not terrible mothers and it’s ok to quit if that’s what they want.

But seriously, stop all this nonsense about “so-called feminists” and “call bullshit on all of you” and “stop listening to your idiot girlfriends” and “some man tells me we were the breastfeeding mafia” (last I checked, I was still a woman).

Good lord, get a grip!

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