Blog Project #2 and #3

Blog Project #2

Format: Photograph

Audience: Anyone who believes there is a Heaven and Hell.

Purpose: The purpose of this photograph is to inform the people in this world that they can believe in whoever they want. I’m personally not against anyone and their religion I just know who I believe in. It doesn't matter what people think or say. God will ALWAYS be more POWERFUL than any living thing on this earth because he made it. Yes, the Devil does tempt you to do wrong because none of us are “perfect”, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. So where do you think you’ll ascend? Do you want to burn the rest of your life in Hell with the Devil? or do you want to go high up in the sky with the One and Only God who created Heaven and Earth? It’s time for everyone to make a decision now because this world is slowly ending. We are now living in the end times.

Blog Project #3

Format: Photograph

Audience: Everyone, School Systems

Purpose: The purpose of this photograph is to inform school systems that over thinking can really make you depressed or even make you want to give up everything and throw it away. Over thinking can put you in a bad mood because whatever it is that you are thinking about, its constant. If certain teachers or professors want you to study and study and study, your brain will explode. Over thinking doesn't just have to be school related, it can be something as simple as you wanting to tell somebody something or trying to figure out the right answer on a test. This is effective because over thinking can clearly kill you if it has reached its maximum point.