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Creativity is a deeply personal pursuit. Each writer has a unique understanding of the world and a distinctive way of expressing it. The pursuit of creating something original & compelling takes the writer through a journey of self-exploration. Most writers prefer this journey to be solitary, they go to an almost meditative state to be able to put their thoughts into beautifully written words. At the same time, being a part of community of writers opens your mind up to countless other possibilities. And with a deeply inter-connected world it is now easier than ever to be a part of…

Writing is largely a solitary pursuit. As writers, you work against self-doubt and fears all the time. All in hopes of creating a work that is closer to how you imagined it to be in the first place.

Sometimes, those fears can be crippling, manifesting as writer’s block.

An encouraging word then, especially from writers who have been in your situation, can inspire you to get back on your system and get cracking.

After all, a published writer is an amateur who didn’t give up.

Here are some of our favorite inspirational quotes from famous writers to help you stay…

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I feel the breath of autumn
sweet with remnants of the fall,
flowing full with quilts of color
thickly spread above the sprawl

so wondrous in her habit
to present this quaint display,
as reward for losing summer
we are blessed with such array

the cool she brings by morning
lingers late into the day,
giving fresh and subtle recess
from the summer’s warm foray

- “johnrtarter”

You can read more of this writer’s work at “johnrtarter” on Mirakee.

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We’ve all been there. Stumped by you’re, your, and yours. Not to mention the often frowned-upon if not sniggered at your’s.

So, if you’re in doubt, then look no further. For this blog by yours truly will resolve your query in a jiffy!

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By “sel_ethereal” on Mirakee


This is a contraction of “you are”. When in doubt, read it as “you are” to determine if you have used it correctly in a sentence.

You’re a genius. You are a genius. Correct.

You’re brother has gone fishing. You are brother has gone fishing. That’s incorrect.

In the latter case, “your” should be used.

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Goodbye my August sun, burnt liquid amber melting beneath wisps of vapory hues. I shall cast the weight of angst upon your departure to dissipate into your panoramic heaven of fading rays. To my heart’s heightened intuition I shall conform. The heart can sense the subtle nuances of transition, knows when one season retreats and another advances. The heart, the impetuous, the frivolous, the impassive, the vulnerable, the ambitious, the defeated, the virtuous, the victorious, the invincible, the unassuming, the illustrious, can sing of my enumerated passions and struggles. I am the seasons that dare to be different. I am…

Concrete poetry, also known as shape poetry, is a poetic form where the poem’s shape visually matches its topic/theme. Blending art and poetry into visual treats.

Take the famous example of “The Mouse’s Tale” from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This delightful little tale is about a mouse’s tail and is shaped like one, too. The words twisting and turning along a long, wriggly line that tappers till the very end.

While this form has been around for thousands of years, the name “concrete poetry” dates to the 1950s, when a group of Brazilian poets called the Noigandres defined…

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What’s true love to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

You can read more of the writer’s work at “elusive_me” on Mirakee.

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“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

- Jodi Picoult

Having trouble putting down words on paper? Too many ideas bouncing through your head and none of them seem good enough? Or are you afraid of penning something atrocious? Thinking it’s you who’s lacking in skill and talent?

Well, dear writer, you’re not alone.

What’s holding you back?

Writers through the ages have struggled with doubts and fears, about their abilities, skills, their place in the literary firmament, whether they are talented storytellers or mere hacks. All these manifest in what we all know as writer’s block.


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I dream of a life
inked with words and syllables
the morphemes and phonemes
acting as a lyre, making music
at the slightest touch of experience
elegy at loss
lyric at peace
ballads to tell stories
epic to eternalize that which is lived.

- chandralekha_vw

You can read more of her work at “chandralekha_vw” on Mirakee.

Post of the Week is selected from Posts of the Day published on Mirakee each week. To read the other posts, visit our official page on Mirakee.

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To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

- Oscar Wilde

Recently, we asked our writing community to share their thoughts on what made them feel alive. Here are some of the many varied write-ups they posted on the subject.

“maolros” writes about everyday joys that add zest to his life.

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In this poem, “musingmuztoba” examines the meaning of being alive from the point of view of a tree in a fast-growing town.


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