Rendezvous #1

T M DiSarro

Mirakee has evolved into a widespread community where thousands of people from around the world pour out their thoughts in beautifully written pieces. The Mirakee Team has decided to come up with “Rendezvous” series which will feature a short interview with writers who have established themselves on the zenith in the Mirakee world through their amazing talent and splendid writing.

The first featured writer is TM Dissaro.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

First off, I don’t consider myself a writer.I just happen to be a person who loves to write.

I have been dabbling with writing for about 25 years just basically journaling. I started writing when I was a DJ. I played mostly House music, but also Hip-hop, top 40, Techno and lots of private parties and after hours. I attribute my timing with writing to music. I was fortunate to DJ in the most popular venues with crowds as large as three thousand on a Friday or Saturday night. When I moved to Florida seven years ago I hung up my headphones. The nightclub world is not conducive to a happy home.

About two years ago I started getting serious about my writing with the majority of writing taking place within 2016 and most of the pieces on this particular site have been written or edited by me in the past 12 months.

I get up at 4:00 am everyday and write until 6:00. In that time I also post, edit and sometimes read. I wish I had more time to read because of all the awesome talent on Mirakee.

Where do you get most of the information that you use for your work?

My information comes from the way I filter life and how I look at things in my past, present or in the future. I see things in a certain way and then I write about it trying to express it with some level of truth, cause and effect. The things that have happened in my life, be it past or present I can truthfully relate in the form of a character or a situation. I formulate it in that same way with some level of truth relating to my experience almost like a method actor would recall events to put a certain amount of power into their acting.

I try to do the same with my writing.

There are so many writers writing today. Which writers do you admire the most?

I assume you are talking about published authors from this questions. As far as Mirakee authors go I do not get involved with opinion polls because there is so much talent here. Here we are all at different stages of self expression and we are constantly evolving with that process. If I talk about writers that are the big names in the world of writing, I would say William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Graham Green, Emily Dickinson, Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath, Henry James, Thomas Tryon, T.S.Eliot, W.B. Yeats just to name a few

If you were to give advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

I would say that the best advice I can give is to find some truth in what you write. That is, find the level where you can use a true experience and build your writing around it. Find out how this particular subject relates to you personally. Don’t ever take anyone else’s ideas! Plagiarism is the absolute worst. Even when you repost another author’s work be sure that the author’s name is there end of the writing .

There is so much around us and so much to write about. It could be as mundane as an apple or as magnificent as the grand canyon. Place the apple on a table, see what comes to mind. Is it Eve in the garden of Eden, the color of your lover’s lips, your grandmother’s apple pie? Write about whatever comes to your mind. You could write a haiku, a poem, prose or a novel based around that apple. Another thing I will mention is don’t be pretentious in your writings if you want to relate to people. I try to avoid using big or obscure words but that’s just me. There is plenty of time to impress people with words but words don’t always touch the heart. They have to be words that people understand.

My other advice would be not to take yourself too seriously. When I was a DJ the rule we lived by was you’re only as good as your last show. You’re only good as a writer as long as you’re writing. It’s extremely nice to get likes and to be appreciated. It’s so nice to hear comments from people and I greatly appreciate hearing something about what I just wrote. But if you stop writing people quickly lose interest and move on to the next writer. Just like when I DJ’d. Like I said, I would would play to huge crowds in the clubs have people dancing all night but if I left the show would still go on. Expand your horizons as a writer.

Writer’s block is real and every writer has to face it someday. How do you overcome yours?

The best way to overcome writer’s block is to write. I start out by writing a line or a sentence and then I go to the next line and keep doing that over and over again till something starts to make sense and that’s why some of my pieces are very long because I just write until my thought process is finished. Cause and effect. So one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is if you have writer’s block, pick a favorite song of yours and the line that resonates with you and start with that line and then bounce off that line and keep going with the same syllables, same length of words. Keep on trying to relate to that first line and just keep doing it over and over again until another line takes over the first. Or like I said with the apple, take a particular thing and try to describe it in as many ways as you can and then once something clicks just go off in that direction using cause and effect and free association. Just keep writing until your finished and then go back and take out lines that don’t make sense and try to put things in some kind of order that makes sense to you.

There are a lot of young readers out there who love books. What would be some of your favourite books that they should pick up?

Just going from books that have impressed me I would say Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock. I read that and I was very impressed that in four different instances in the book he describes a certain scene differently each time and that floored me as a writer, where he could take a certain thing such as a beach and look at it from four different angles.

Another book that impressed me when I was growing up was The Other by Thomas Tryon. I thought this was just such a mind-blowing book, the way he laid out his characters and the mystery that was unfolding before my eyes and especially the twist ending.

The first book that I noticed imagery was in The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenda. In one scene, the apprentice is traveling on a dark road with his master and there are headlights in the rearview mirror, then they are gone, then back on, then gone. The apprentice asks the master who tells him that the headlights represent death. Death he says, is always traveling close behind. That stuck.


Interviewed by: Laveena Behl

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