Rendezvous #4

Mirakee has evolved into a widespread community where thousands of people from around the world pour out their thoughts in beautifully written pieces. The Mirakee Team has decided to come up with “Rendezvous” series which will feature a short interview with writers who have established themselves on the zenith in the Mirakee world through their amazing talent and splendid writing.

Anand Shah (@anandshah on Mirakee) is a 23 year old businessman who has pursued MBA with specialization in Marketing. Although he loves to laze around, one could easily find the passion for words infused in his writings.

Here is a glimpse of what he shared with us:

  1. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
    I guess writing is about maintaining a balance between both the aspects. It is because your writing will appear shallow if it is not an expression of yourself but also audience engagement is an important boost.
  2. What is the first book that made you cry?
    I haven’t come across such a book yet. I hope I will read one soon!
  3. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
    The most difficult part for me is to select an appropriate topic to write about. And of course, what is a good writing without metaphors! Thinking about the best metaphor that suits my desired message is also a difficult task.
  4. How many hours a day do you write?
    My writing hours are not fixed as such. I put my pen down to scribble as soon as a thought pops up in my mind.
  5. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?
    Writing has helped me a lot. It has played an important role in channelising all the pain and silence, touching other souls with mere words, which is nothing less than a healing balm to one’s inner core. If this is what spirituality does to your soul, the yes writing is a spiritual practice indeed.

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