My attempt at trying to make mental health content go viral

Over the post few weeks I tracked the analytics of my various social media accounts in order to see which ones received the most engagements from my friends and followers.

Instead of tracking my overall accounts, I looked at individual content produced during each week. The last week, April 6–12 is the week I tried to create content regarding mental health and make it go viral.

As you can see, I only published my content in the last week to Twitter and Instagram because in the previous weeks those were the most active accounts I had with my followers.

The content I produced included a picture I drew and a poem I wrote. I wanted to try and give a visual of what suffering from a mental illness can feel like accompanied by words that explain what so many people struggle too.

Although simple, I think it serves a great representation of what living with a mental illness can feel like.

Below is the content I created.

Although on Instagram this content did not reach as many likes as other photos I have posted in the past, it did receive many comments from followers expressing how much they liked what I had created.

However, on Twitter I was able to reach quite a large audience due to likes and retweets from other twitter accounts. I was able to reach out to many of my friends and ask them to share this content as I hoped it would surpass reaching just my followers.

I also was able to contact a Canadian country singer, Kira Isabella, and a former Canadian National team soccer player, Kaylyn Kyle, and have both of them retweet it. Because both individuals have such large followings, my content was able to reach a much greater audience than I alone would have been able to reach.

This tweet quickly became my most active and engaged tweet in the history of my twitter account. I was able to reach 38,422 other twitter accounts and had just over 4000 accounts actually engage with the tweet. I had many fellow tweeters that I don’t know share and like my tweet. I had people ask if they could save it, express their love for the metaphor I created, and others express their love and appreciation for the post.

As a big supporter in spreading awareness for mental illness, I am very content with the amount of people I was able to reach. I think I was able to share an important message and although it may not of reached the numbers to be considered “viral” I think it reached enough individuals to help in the spreading of awareness.

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