Why Journalism?

The Beginning:

An island girl moves to the city to pursue her dream. No, this is not the start of a bad joke — this is my reality! Before beginning Broadcast Journalism my world was so scrambled with ideas of what I wanted my big “passion” moment to be, that I forgot to think most of the time. The past couple of years I have gone from creative writing student to psychology student, DQ blizzard maker to nail technician, housekeeper to receptionist, and confused to just as confused — this time, in a good way (I think). At some point along the way, I had my moments of rediscovery:

· Conversations with those close to me: “Hey mom, can you get me a new camera for Christmas this year” “But you asked for one last year…and the year before that…. and before that…”

· Keeping a daily journal

· Attempts to ignite heated conversations about news and politics with my best friends (of which they politely ignored)

· Asking too many questions that may or may not have gotten me in trouble

· Taking an embarrassing amount of career quizzes

To which I had my a-ha! moment. Questions, cameras, writing and news? Any person with a head on their shoulders could put together the equation real quick — why not give journalism a shot?