Veterans: After Their Service

I began my idea with something related to volunteer work, or helping others. I searched non-profit organizations where I came across “Veteran’s Guest House”

The Veteran’s Guest House sparked an interest for me in what happens to veterans after their service, what accommodations do they receive, particularly when injured.

Veteran’s Guest House helps house veteran’s that need overnight care facilities due to rehabilitation or medical problems. They firmly believe that no veteran or their family should be without a home or care due to medical costs.

I then looked into statistics of veterans where I came across a website giving me full information on the statistics . This site will be helpful in choosing an angle.

I then looked at homeless veterans, particularly in Reno, NV, and came across a website addressing the homeless veterans and what they are doing about it. . The organization offers training, housing, treatment, and other services for veterans to help get them back into a civilian life.

This research has inspired me with different angles I can take on this article. I could write about one of the nonprofit organizations I have found or I can listen to an actual veteran and write about their story and history.