Start-up Moms

What is the first memory that comes to mind when you think back to the days of your adolescence? Do you ever think back to that time in your life when your parents had executive roles in the household? Maybe your mom was a stay at home mom, or maybe your mother worked full time. Do you ever just recall those days, now as an adult, and internally applaud the women in your life for somehow managing to raise children, take care of a home, and perhaps do all of this while working full time? I most definitely do.

I remember my mother doing all of the cooking and cleaning, while raising two little girls, while my father worked 40+ hours a week to make ends meet. I remember my father coming home from work every night, falling into his chair, cracking open a beer, and zoning away all night in front on the television. He would sit there for hours, and we all respected his space and his quiet time because he worked SO. DAMN. HARD. But thinking back, even when my mother was working full time, and caring for us kids, there were no breaks for her.

She did all of the cleaning. She did all of the cooking. She bathed us, fed us, and read us our bedtime stories. She had no relaxation chair, and no quiet time. This seems to be a common narrative amongst most families that have two working parents. Since the beginning of the suburban middle class, the man has always been the breadwinner. He would come home to a hot meal, a warm towel ready for his shower, and his favorite shows.

When my mother came home from work, she prepared that hot meal, threw those towels in the dryer, and gave up her television time so she could get the kids ready for bed. The executive household roles may have changed, but the patriarchy is still going strong.

In today’s society it is totally normal for a woman to work full time and raise children. In fact, 69.4% of families in 2014 had a mother who worked outside of the home. These are married women, with children, whose husbands work as well. These women report working anywhere from 10–60 hours a week, while also caring for their homes, and their children. I can’t seem to find any stats on women who own a business. I have found about 15 studies referencing fathers who are c-level executives or founders. I can not find any about mothers. The blogs are all there, but where are the statistics? Are we really such an anomaly that we haven’t even made it on to the radar?

So, what about the mothers who own a business? The Co-Founders, the C-Level women- How do they play into all of this? How does a woman balance a family, a home, a marriage and a start-up? Well, she definitely can’t do it alone, and this blog will be a day by day expression of what it feels like and what it looks like to be a career AND family oriented woman.

There are such little statistics documenting mothers who own their own businesses- and that needs to change. This is the story of two millennial mothers, entrepreneurs, and start-up queens, who are learning every day about the challenges of raising young children, being the executive homemakers, all while carrying the weight of a business on their shoulders. Welcome to Start-Up moms. We are here, and we probably haven’t eaten or showered today.