My Journey Through Dieting and Body Positivity

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At the beginning of fourth grade, my dog was hit by a car. Growing up my mother and I would always take him for long walks around the neighborhood. Four miles, a few times a week. After his death, however, we took a hiatus from our regular walks. It just didn’t feel the same without him there.

By the end of fourth grade, I had gained nearly ten pounds. Looking back, I now understand that this fluctuation in my weight was completely normal. So many pre-pubescent kids grow out before they grow up. …

Race and Culture

Different Upbringings, Different Experiences, the Same Conclusion

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America has always had issues with race. During its most formative years, this country was dominated by slavery, indentured servitude, Jim Crow laws, and the constant struggle for civil rights. The motif of racism appears year after year on our news stations, our street corners, and in our history textbooks, each time under the guise of fear, ignorance, and “preserving heritage”.

The marches taking place across the country right now are arguably the most significant acts of racial protest since the Civil Rights Movement, fifty years ago. …

Women & Equality

Second Wave Feminism and the Sexual Revolution in New York City

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New York City has always been a hub of social progression. Outside of the nation’s capital it’s the place that first comes to mind in relation to advancement, innovation, and protest. Its five boroughs have witnessed decades of social strife and yet have continued to be a decade ahead of the rest of the country. Its residents have marched for civil rights and gay pride and women’s suffrage. They maintain a sense of acceptance towards their fellow New Yorkers. Maybe not for their slow walking or questionable train etiquette, but for their cultural and personal diversity.

Over the years, the…

Fashion, Beauty & Style

What People Wear Where it Matters Most

Family & Parenting

Examining the Growing Normalcy of Atypical Families

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The American Dream has always been closely tied to the concept of a nuclear family. In the fifties and sixties this consisted of a nine to five job, two and a half kids, and a house in the suburbs. In recent years, however, more families have gravitated away from the nuclear model. Instead, they are embracing an often overlooked aspect of the American dream: individuality. Adoption, divorce, same sex couples, and single parents are on the rise. Families are now coming in every size and shape imaginable.

If there is a familial norm, my family would reside just beyond it…

Mira Ciganek

Aspiring Journalist reporting from New York City | Follow me on Twitter: @miraciganek

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