A Humble Request From One Writer To Another To Perhaps

Wow alto, I hope you’re proud of this thread. My reading list will now carry me through Christmas.

So, first things first. A piece of mine that I think is, if not good, then true.

Written after a particularly soul crushing blind date, other women tell me it hit on something they know to be accurate.

One person I want to recommend is Gloria DiFulvio and her amazing short story below:

I literally just found that story on a whim. And it took my breath away, there are some very specific personal connections for me, as well as being beautifully, subtlety written.

Finally, since you are writing this post there seems a good chance no one will recommend you, as it may appear ass kissy. I’m not really worried about that as I’ve known you since we were in grade 9 together, so I will recommend three of my favorites from all the things you have written.

First, your beautifully written piece on finding love, losing it, then finding it again.

This poem, especially the last line, can still make me well up.

The imagery in this heartbreaking flash fiction story is second to none.

You so owe me dinner!

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