What Ruins Relationships Social Media Or People?

It is very apparent today’s generation prides its self on the obsession with social media and this worldwide phenomenon has completely taken over. Sure it has its pro’s but the con’s completely outweigh that when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Trust should be the number one factor in a relationship, however no one and i mean NO ONE, wants to be hidden. There is a large variety of reasons people in relationships don’t post their significant other on their social media, so i asked around and the majority of people said the same things. Some of the most popular responses were, “I dont want people in my business”, or “i like my relationship private”. Excuse my language but i believe the main reason i believe so many people don’t show off their girl/guy, is because they are doing inappropriate things, and most likely will expose their truth, but hey that’s just me. I am a firm believer in the idea that anyone who who loves you wont hide you.