Are you a Jehovah’s witness of Social Justice?
dane tomas

Ah, hello there, new friend..

So, while I don’t use this term much.. .at all.. for.. reasons that be defined by “violent imagery” But whatever…

I have actually the experience of feeling “triggered” by the use of the word “privilege” by people who seek only to tear down and “educate,”clearly having no idea what education actually entails…

Not just once but twice, once even personally messaged, informed how “privileged” all white, straight men are.. so many usages of the words white,straight,cis male used as an attack on a person… and not even consciously… ridiculous..

Hey, sure, I am certainly a greatly privileged white female, university educated, live in a nice house close to the city, whatever. I can’t tell these people their experiences are /not/ legitimate, or their extreme views perhaps not justified by their lived experiences… but what I feel I can tell these people is that, yes, they are in fact the racist sexist ones for automatically catagorising and generalising every single darn white straight male as any one thing, much less the best/worst thing on this earth… not only does that deny the existence of… many cultures that are not our own (although, yes,westernisation and all that, couple hundred years of white oppression/imperialism/americanisation has certainly affected the politicisation of white/non-white skin… which is soo ridiculous…) 
It denies every (single) matriarchy, the existence of a society that does in fact treat men as objects, etc. It denies the possibilities of human culture and imagination in forming a society. It is just so darn limiting on the potential of humanity that it just plain makes me uncomfortable.

As for the word “education”, like, no, actually, forcing your extreme ideas down my throat does not make you 1. right or 2. educating me in the slightest. Education (should) be about providing information, not singular ideas. Giving alternative views, or at the very least alluding to the possibility that there is more to it than that…

People will be people. This does not excuse their behaviour, but it does suggest that not every bad thing in the world represents every human as bad, as every good deed ever done by a human should be used as to why everyone is good at heart, or something or other. Everyone is capable of most things. Some are more prone to some things than others, but at the end of the day, anyone classifying any massive group of people, whether societally minority or majority, is not truly aware of anything outside of their own tiny world… and might just benefit from some real education from actually talking freely with a few more people outside of their own bubble of ideas, their endless echo chamber providing nothing but a toxic culture of hate and ignorance… rather than actually helping anyone, or building towards a more accepting society of anyone, regardless of where they came from…. 
But of course, that last paragraph is all just my own biased perspective :P

Really though, no one on the internet in recent years has made me feel worse than people pushing this particular agenda… And I do hate them for it, I really do. 
Please stop bullying people in packs and realise that yes, on the internet, you do actually have a substantial amount of power, and are not the perpetual victims you continue to imagine yourself to be… it’s terrible what may have happened to you or your friend in real life, or in that one forum, or over and over again in painful regularity. But please don’t pretend you don’t have any power at all, through words and actions in alternate online forums…

Just my… many cents.