[PINNED] The rest of my essays are offline!

Medium is the only platform I use to publish essays. This is officially my only blog ever. I have deleted other blog accounts under my name to simplify my connection with the readers. I also deleted several posts from this page, the ones that have been collected and published as a book. I plan to publish three series of essay collections independently. If you miss some of my posts from the past, they’re probably offline now. Please buy the books to support me, guys.

The collections are:

  1. Tumpukan Angan-angan dan Kumpulan Coretan Lima Tahun Lamanya (2017, IDR 50K, buy here)
  2. Perempuan dan Kapitalisme dan Esai-esai Lain (coming soon)
  3. Untuk Semua Jiwa (coming soon)
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