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The broken nose Buddha

Some other words
Not this, not these
Some other man, some other woman, some other lover
Not this, not these
Some other love
Some other place
The food in other’s plate
The words in other’s book
Some other job, some other country, some other car
Some other climate, some other government
The candy in that jar
Not this, not these

Some other complexion, some other tan
 Some other voluption, some other rack
 Some other size, please some other size
 Some other hair, some other eyes
 Some other pout, some other smile
 Some other body
 Some other imperfection
 Not this, not these
 Not slim, not obese
 Some other fitness, some other yoga
 The broken nose Buddha
 Some other game
 Some other game
 Not this, not this

Sit down at your center, woman
 Or man
 Just do it
 Done is better than good
 Yes this, yes this, yes here
 Here good is even better than better
 Don’t budge, you’re the judge
 There is no some other, here
 No other center
 Here, just sit down, now
 You have run a long way
 Some other way
 Now this, now this, this way, yes
 Sit down 
 And laugh your center off now