Best [uncategorized] Articles of 2016

Some of my favorites!

Starts with my favorite marketing & tech reads and diverges pretty quickly from there…happy reading!

1.Harvard Business Review published a great, in-depth analysis of how platform-based businesses disrupted traditional pipeline businesses, and offers a way for pipeline businesses to move forward.

2. Tech blog, Stratechery, published many gems in 2016, but the below on Facebook and fake news was of particular interest given its role in the election: If you want to learn more about fake news, The New York Times Mag also published a deeper investigation here.

3. As marketers, we often get fixated on segmenting our target audiences by generation — but this article makes a strong argument against this overused device. Another great one from Harvard Business Review:

4. This year may have been all about realizing things and one those things may have been that you have too much shit. Fast Company posted the key tips from Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The book was published in 2014, but it seems like it had a 2016 resurgence, at least among my friend group…link here.

5. Actual helpful career advice from fellow Mediumer Raghav Haran

6. The lack of diversity and separation of bottom line goals and talent satisfaction were on my mind a lot this year. Another one from Harvard Business Review illustrates this:

7. NYTCo times have had some great interactive pieces in the past year and one of my favorites was on the racial inequality of the education system. One of the most sobering facts this article highlights how segregated some schools and districts have become.

8. Another one from The Times Mag. I must have read this article at least four times over. It covers a fascinating study Google performed to uncover the key factors that determine a team’s success. Two factors stood out: “equal distribution of conversational turn-taking” & “social sensitivity”.

9. Following the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Salon publishing this piece by Amanda Marcotte. The title says it all: “Overcompensation Nation: It’s time to admit that toxic masculinity drives gun violence”

10. One of the many splendid pieces Ta-Nehisi Coates has published this year (though technically part of the 2017 issue).

“A black president would always be a contradiction for a government that, throughout most of its history, had oppressed black people. The attempt to resolve this contradiction through Obama — a black man with deep roots in the white world — was remarkable. The price it exacted, incredible. The world it gave way to, unthinkable.”

11. An important piece by John Metta of Those People. Read It’s Not About Race!

BONUS — Podcasts:

This American Life’s recent episode examines people who decide to rethink their approach for doing things and going through life.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast is intriguing and this episode in particular did a great job highlighting the issues in America’s education system. Truly eye-opening.