I wrote about this in 2008…and yet things continue to go in the same horrible direction.
Helga Vierich

And then there is the question of global climate change (the erstwhile global warming) It looks to me that a lot of people do not believe. WHY?

Are the non believers to be blamed? Are they fools? I hope you do not think so.

There is a lot in the behavior of the proponents to raise suspicion. I do not want to list the disturbing, even sordid details. Spare me please.

I think the planet is on a catastrophic course of self destruct and which is the result of the technology that the White man invented. It is not commensurate with biological life. The sooner this technology and culture and racial superiority ( real or imagined) that goes with it is lost the better for mankind.

The emphasis on CO2 as the culprit smells of deception. There are more serious issues. so what about them.

As far as the planet is concerned. It will do fine whether or not we exist.

“The planet is not screwed, we are screwed.” ( G. Carlin).

A problem is not solved until it’s true nature is identified. This blogger needs to re-evaluate the reality he lives in. Going at problems like Don Quixote will not do.

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