A fitness gizmo can be a great tool if chosen for the right reasons and for meaningful data.

I would never, ever buy a car without a tachometer. I’m a gearhead, and I totally grok why RPM is an essential measurement of engine performance and health.

So it was easy to get behind the idea of a heart rate monitor (HRM), essentially a tachometer for the heart! How hard I’m working my heart is a meaningful statistic.

Despite my values, I’ve thrashed around in my choice of fitness gizmos, not always choosing for the right reasons. …

Are online fitness communities a great source of support or a complete time suck? Both?

“People with friends take more steps!” “One million members ready to support your fitness goals!”

As a capital-I Introvert, the idea of one million members looking at my fitness goals thoroughly weirds me out.

Obviously, I’m not the best person to speak to the value of online communities. There are thousands of them, often associated with a fitness gadget, that help people connect with each other. [Shudders] There’s a ton of psychology (and marketing) that says this is effective, motivating and fulfills deep-seated needs.

It creeps me out. And I’m here to say it’s okay if you don’t like it either. …

I decided it’s okay to compare myself to others to help myself sort out feelings and attitudes. I try to do this for the right reasons.

Long ago, from a hotel window, I saw a young woman walking past in the street. …

Michelle Rau

Writer. Editor. Publisher. Gardener. Blogger. Builder. Designer. Kayaker. Cyclist. Artist. Communications professional. Chocoholic.

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