Here we are at the half of 2020, a tumultuous 6-months also for the startup ecosystem as the crisis shook the ecosystem and the fundraising processes.

Although the general impression is that venture capital fundraising took a hit, looking back we had a sustained activity, totalising approximately €20M in 30 deals, including some grants received as well (to put in perspective, the whole 2019, we tracked 70 funding deals reaching in total €40M).

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Besides the venture funding deals, we also spotted a few investments in foreign startups with Romanian founders and multiple grants in tech startups.

You can read about them below. …

Tocmai am citit știrea ca Bookster, biblioteca publică ce închiriază cărţi angajaţilor din companii, a fost dată în judecată de 10 edituri si de Asociaţia Editorilor din România.

Motivul precizat de acestea ar fi că Bookster le face concurență neloială, activitatea bibliotecii afectându-le vânzările” 😲 (mai multe detalii pe

Această concurență “neloială” este de fapt concurență pe bune bazată pe istețimea de a analiză piața și nevoile consumatorilor și pe înțelegerea impactului digitalizarii asupra industriei și asupra modelului de business.

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Dar problema e, de fapt, că atunci când rămâi în urmă și altcineva te ia prin surprindere, cauți alte motive, cauți nod în papură, în loc să te uiți la tine în ogradă ca să îți dai seama ce ar trebui să faci mai inovativ! …

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Now that we’ve closed 2019, it’s a good time to review the main news related to the Romanian Startup ecosystem. We’re focusing in this text on the second part of the year, from August to December 2019, as the first seven months of the year were covered in a previous article which you can read here.

This selection of news was collected along the way as part of our weekly reports we send to our clients, with various things of interest regarding the Romanian startup ecosystem.

We’re grateful to and other publications like Startup Cafe, ZF, Business Review, Wall-Street, Startups&theCity and Tech.EU, …

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As expected, the Romanian startup ecosystem continued its wild excitement, so we thought about reviewing the major news and events that took place related to startups in Romania, a perfect 10 minutes read for your vacation.

For more details, just open the links in each of the paragraphs. In case, I missed something important, let me know in a comment. We’ve started with 10 pieces, but the list got close to 40 so far :-) Enjoy!

Investment news

We witnessed approximately 25 deals totalising close to €10M, including the ones in seed/acceleration phase, but those take less than 10% of the total sum (we’re not including here UIPath’s Series D round). …

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The Romanian startup ecosystem is taking up speed. The last 2 years saw much more activity compared with the 2010–2015 period. Together with accelerators and VC funds activity, an important aspect which contributed was the involvement of corporate companies (it also increased a lot compared to previous years).

We’re making a review of the main activities/contributions, while in the end we’ll take a shot at making a few predictions for the upcoming year, based on what we observed in the ecosystem and while working with some of these companies.

The list below is not exhaustive, for sure there were other activities that didn’t come to our attention, while other projects were not made public so we’ll not go into them. …

This is a text written three years ago, for the participants of a workshop on customer validation interviews. As I’m referring to it often, in other workshops, best is to make it available. In the end of the article, there is a list of resources that guided me through the process. At that point I was involved in a startup called UseTogether, a peer-to-peer marketplace and community for people to exchange items they don’t use often.


Some months ago, in the beginning of the summer (note: it was 2013), we set down and looked more carefully on the product metrics trying to understand better what to do next. At that point we had around 2000 members on the platform, so it was enough to get some conclusions for the next phase. …


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