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Mircel McSween
Sep 11 · 3 min read
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Experiences we have in life determine our future paths, based on what we learned along the way. From a very young age we have all been learning new skills to help and maintain a lifestyle as an adult.

Now as an adult we are full steam ahead in the way of building a career and maintaining a life that we believe was once the ultimate goal, A job that pays us the money that can cover all our bills and some of the lifestyle choices we have created along the way.

If you are like me and have been think about how life can be more structured, fun and most of all fulfilling then, you know that life in a J.O.B will leave you JUST OVER BROKE.

Personal finances have always been a secretive topic. But why is that? We are in a world today where privacy is the upmost importance but we share our geographical locations daily with the worldwide web on social media.

Money is one of the biggest life burdens we have got ourselves into and we all stress about this one thing. Opening up on how to make more money is available and many success stories have come from equipping yourself with the correct knowledge and tasking actionable steps from debt to living in a life without a job and having money work continuously for you while you play, plan and have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

I have been labeled as being someone that only thinks about money and one that has plenty. I personally think they are both not true. Money is what we all need to live in our day to day lives but as an individual that understands what money can being me in my life, I see it as a vehicle to achieve more free time to live a more uplifted lifestyle.

There are many ways in which money can help you fulfill “The Dream Life”. We have all heard the term “Money Makes Money” so why do we all start out exchanging our time to make money work for someone else. The truth is it’s easier and it is what we have learned to do from our schooling system.

At the age of 16 I started to look at ways that money could work for me, while I am exchanging my time in a job for money. So this way I am able to add additional income on the side of my monthly pay and start building a surplus income to achieve a better life. This is difficult as most new things in life, but like all things the more we do something repetitively, we naturally become better, more knowledgeable and confident on the task.

What side business could you start today and how could you learn to acquire more skills to achieve a life of more fun and fulfillment on the way to Financial Independence?

For me I listen to a lot of different podcasts on Spotify and from listening to them you will automatically get referred books to purchase or listen to on Audible.

Start with these two platforms and kick start your life into the next stage. My mindset change completely after I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki at the age of 16. This book is one I recommend highly for everyone wanting to get started on a path to Financial Independence.

I hope you will enjoy these posts as much as I like writing them for you.

Until next time.

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