The Controversial Dichotomy between Tattoos and Professionalism in Fort Collins vs the World

When we think about long term goals, we think go to college, get a well paid job, start a family, settle down, etc. These are all commitments that we make, especially since most of us here are college students at Colorado State University. Every decision that we make either makes or breaks the way we see things in the world.

But as we go around making long term decisions in our 20’s that will affect us for the rest of our lives, a lot of us also choose to get tattoos as a part of that commitment. Fort Collins is a very laid back, liberal city where most of us are okay with others having tattoos but even if we are in the 21st century and have had thousands of studies on the fact that tattooed people aren’t any different than non-tattooed people, there’s an interesting stigma that surrounds tattooing in the professional work force.

As a part of the Fort Collins community that is very liberal and open towards tattoos, it may not be obvious why there’s such a high rate of non-tattooed people to be hired over those with tattoos with no other judgement other than physical, but there are thousands of people out there that judge the book based on its cover.

Well, I think this is total bullshit. Here we are, living the college days and wanting to experience life to the fullest, and for the sake of some settle-down job that we may get in the future, we shouldn’t get tattooed? For me, living my college days wouldn’t have been the same without the experience of getting my first tattoo. And for a lot of people, it was exactly the same. My first time ever walking in “Rocksteady Tattoo” on College Avenue was life changing. I had so many ideas and wanted them tattooed on my skin immediately.

A lot of us in our local community have passed by “Story of my Life” and “Tribal Rites” or seen an ad in the Collegian and really had the urge to get their next tattoo. There’s a lot of people in our community that know these places and love spending time there, but what does that mean for the future of us that are tattooed?

It means that there’s a ridiculous amount of middle aged white men that still dictate our job market economy and political presence in the United States when it comes to our generation. Conservative thinking that tattoos are somehow inferior is a thinking that has been scientifically disproved and contradicted on many occasions that don’t really matter because our generation is still not in charge of our future.

So, if they are so frowned upon, then how come every three out of ten people in the United States get a tattoo?

It’s because any person with this kind of old aged thinking should probably be retired anyways and not frown upon anything other than still living in the past. Tattoos have no hidden meaning, they are not correlated to alcoholism and professionalism or lack there of as many may suggest, and they certainly don’t change your work ethics as a person. It is simply a form of art that you get to wear on your body forever, and similar to clothing choices, tattoos have no real impact on how we get the job done.

So, what this really means for our generation is that as times are changing, more and more people get tattoos and eventually they will become a part of the business world. As we make those important life decisions in our college days and choose our careers (and our tattoos), it will be acceptable to have tattoos without the judgement that still happens today because in the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re inked.