The Top 5 Type of Nerds You Will Spot in Fort Collins (and Where)

The term nerd and geek gets thrown out a lot nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are talking about one group of people. Our world has changed. We’ve gone through nerds and geeks being slur words to really categorizing a group of people passionate about a certain type of culture.

That being said, nerds care about a lot of things with passion, and what a nerd cares about is what distinguishes different types of nerds in our wonderful town. With Fort Collins being a college town, you can already guess there is a variety. Here’s a list of the most predominant types of nerd you an encounter, and where you can encounter them (in no particular order).

  1. Video Game Nerds

This type of nerd is a classic. You will almost never see them outside on a bright sunny day. They’d rather be home or a gaming cafe playing countless hours of League of Legends and Overwatch, as well as many other games that they really love. I’d consider myself a video game nerd too.

What makes video games more fun than just playing alone in your room, is playing it with friends. All That and a Bag of Chips is a very popular place where a typical gamer can go and play on all kinds of consoles. For only $5 entrance, chips included, you can game all day.

2. Book Nerds

Do you remember the kids from your high school that sat at the library all day. They’d bring books to class and get in trouble for reading something that isn’t meant for class. Who gets in trouble for reading?! I know I have, and so have many other book nerds out there.

There’s just something about reading a paper print books that really makes these nerds glow with a certain energy, and I’m sure you’ve all seen it. You can find these nerds in libraries and bookstores, especially local Bizarre Bazaar, and Old Firehouse Books (which is right next door to a tea shop, and what can be better than that).

3. Board Game Nerds

Ever heard of role-play board games and card games?! These guys sure have. These are the nerds that will sit in gaming cafes and pubs for hours playing Magic The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons. These guys aren’t afraid to go all out, they’ll cosplay and role-play, and spend a lot of time and effort to get the best campaign, and the best cards that the game has to offer.

These nerds are a very active community. Events are their thing. They gather at gaming cafes and pubs and play for hours at a time. Definitely one of the most interesting nerdy things out there. You can spot them in local Dungeons and Drafts, as well as Haunted Game Cafe, and trust me, they love to gather.

4. Comic Book Nerds

There’s something really authentic about loving superheroes and actually reading comic books. They are exciting, full of adventure, and easy to read. Comic book nerds are usually collectors — you will see them with bags of comic books that they collect. They are very proud to announce their favorite super heroes, and they always have an answer to the classic question of “if you had a super power, what would it be.”

Trading is definitely huge with the comic book nerds. Many trading and comic book stores like Gryphon, as well as gaming cafes, are the prime spots in local Fort Collins where you will spot a comic book nerd.

5. TV Show and Movie Nerds

Ahh, the fangirls — they are a dedicated bunch. I’m sure you’ve had a conversation with a typical fangirl (or boy) that has listed 20 different TV shows and movies you never even heard of. These nerds like to go to every movie opening, discuss movies, and, of course, fangirl over them!

These nerds usually hang out at the local movie theaters, especially on $5 Student Tuesdays at Cinemark on Timberline. Don’t be afraid to talk to these nerds, you’ll learn a lot about the latest movie trends.

This is just the surface scratched on our wonderful nerd culture here at local Fort Collins. If you are a nerd yourself, don’t be afraid go out there and find your people — after all, now you know where to look.



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Rose Mirceska

Rose Mirceska

Journalism and Media Communication student at Colorado State University. I’m always up for adventuring. ❤