OMG some of the men in these comments though…
Jeff Jackson

Jeff, I think that what we are and what is closest to us are the things that we all find more difficult to accurately gauge or even see. It’s like accents when we speak, we only notice other people’s accents while we’re convinced we don’t have one (which, of course, is not true).

Also… this article can’t win: the men who are accurately described in it will feel attacked, while the men who don’t fit into that description, will probably feel unjustly criticised and consider it all a prejudiced generalization…

And as a moderate feminist (feminist is such a negatively charged word nowadays *sigh*) I have experienced this sort of hostile responses/comments IN SPADES. There is not one single text about gender or feminism that does not have its fair share of them.

Maybe we feminists should repeat every few minutes like a mantra: “Patriarchy does not equal men”, both in case we (feminists) forget and to keep some men from taking every criticism of sexism as a criticism of them personally. We ALL are children of patriarchy. And we all are liable to have prejudices.

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