Hell in a Bucket
Dave Pell

I’m a foreigner, I’ve never set foot in the USA but I like America, many things about America at least.

None of this has been a surprise to me. I used to think I was a terrrible judge of character. Maybe not so much. To me Trump was always transparent. I kept hearing and reading seemingly intelligent and well-informed people argue that he was just playing his electorate during the campaign. I heard and read those same seemingly intelligent and informed people take this man seriously, discuss his embarrassingly stupid and ignorant utterings as if some great clue might be hiding in there somewhere. I was dumbfounded.

He’s been the same all along. He’s a pathological liar but he is not wearing a mask. He never did. That would require at least a couple of functioning brain cells. He’s an ignorant imbecile with no morals. I can’t really tell if that’s his personality or the result of some degenerative brain condition. Maybe he is just senile. But it is a mystery to me that it took me less than 10 minutes of hearing him speak at a rally to come to the above mentioned conclusions about him and so many other people did not see what was right in fron of their eyes and kept expecting him to become a normal person just by virtue of his new position.

Anyway. I agree with everything you say about how he is being used and always was used as a vehicle. And he is definitely driving off a cliff. Trump is not what concerns me. What concerns me is what led to his election. Because THAT, unlike Trump, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. What concerns me is the extreme right-wing propaganda machine and what they have done to American society, and the tools they have used to do it, since long before the Tea Party. This alternative reality a great minority of American citizens are living in. THAT is scary to me. Terrifying. Because it is working very well for whoever is driving it and I don’t think it’s only happening in America.

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