Love yourself (?)

How to love yourself?

We all read we should on Facebook, Instagram or any magazine. We need to love ourselves.

So, what does this mean. How do we love ourselves, I mean it sounds so simple.

Well it should be easy, to love ourselves. Be honest if we would not love ourselves who would.

And that exactly is the tricky part. If we don’t love ourselves who would….

The fact we expect others to complete us…lack of selflove

The fact we expect others to give us love…lack of selflove

The fact we expect others to give us time and attention…. lack of selflove

I hear you hold your breath and get ehh irritated…yes all the mentioned are lack of selflove.

If we love ourselves completely we don’t expect others to fill voids. We are all complete and happy.

Sure, we like attention… we just don’t expect

Sure, we like to feel complete…we just don’t expect others to fill this

So, the key to check yourself if you love yourself is if you expect others to fill voids.

That simple? Well yes it sounds that simple. Just when we check ourselves we will find its less simple than the words are.

Back to the question, how to love ourselves, for me it’s basically to treat yourself as you would like others to treat you. So, love yourself as you would love others.

This can be from making yourself a cup of tea when you are cold, to put up the heat if you are cold and to buy yourself something nice now and then. Not necessarily fancy stuff, can be a flower, a nice candle or a magazine. Just…simple and nice gestures like you would like from another person to receive. You will notice if you treat yourself this way you will not expect others to do so. You will though appreciate it even more if others treat you this way. And you will notice if you don’t expect others to treat you a certain way you will receive it even easier. As the pressure is no longer there.

This pressure is not necessarily an outspoken pressure, just the expectation is pressure for the other person.