Shine your today happiness.

Do you recognize those moments you are over the moon happy with something and really want to share this with people that are close? And they respond by summing the bad things of this happy moment instantly all your happy shine drains like shower water in the gutter.

From a happy shiny person, you sigh into an empty balloon shape.

Even make you question being happy with the thing you were happy about.

Does not even matter what the thing is, just in general.

Why do people have the urge, feel the necessity to make you forget the shine and see the dark?

As I see this, it’s about them not you. Again you say? Yes, again.

Most comments in the negative region are about the other person and not about you.

So why? Well they might envy you for being able to see the sunny side. Or they have experienced the same as they were shiny and might think this is the way to react if you care. Or it’s just simple they wish thy were you, capable to see the fun in things where there is shadow too of course. Could be they feel sad, lost or down themselves and most of the time they don’t even know they do this.

This pointing out the negative instead of shine with you in the positive.

Sometimes they do know they take your shine, unfortunately, they deliberate take your shine. If so it’s always because of envy. Envy you succeed, envy you are able to shine, envy you see the sparkles on a rainy day, envy you feel!!

So don’t let others pasts take your today happiness.

It is your happiness, your achievement. Be proud of yourself and keep shining. You deserve the shine. You had rain before too and dark days like all of us. Shine, shine, shine just because you can.