Donald Trump versus the People

This year’s President’s Day was accompanied by a slight twist. February 20 is usually known for the day in which the citizens of the “free” world celebrate President’s Day.

Unfortunately new U.S President Donald Trump is not being welcomed with open arms and President’s Day made it extremely apparent.

Americans are transforming President’s Day weekend into Not My President’s Day, a series of resistance efforts against the Trump White House and its increasingly fascist agenda.

What has started as a simple Twitter hashtag has turned into a nationwide protest. Thousands of flag-waving protesters lined up outside Central Park in Manhattan.

Many in the crowd chanted “No ban, no wall. The Trump regime has got to fall.” They held aloft signs saying “Uphold the Constitution Now” and “Impeach the Liar”.

Several hundred demonstrated in Washington, D.C. Dozens gathered around the fountain in Dupont Circle chanting “Dump Trump” and “Love, not hate: That’s what makes America great.”

President Donald Trump has banned immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Trump’s slogan “make America great again” and his promises to the American people has led to his victorious win but will it be enough to keep him in the white house?

People keep coming together to resist his administration and to show Donald Trump how much opposition he has, as he did not win the popular vote and isn’t representative of the U.S.

The hashtag “Not My President” occurred as a result to Trump’s drastic policy changes including the Muslim ban.

Twitter users posted the following:

· “Why are we letting one man systematically destroy our nation before our eyes?”

· “He is not my leader, even if he is my President”

· “Resist, let’s hurry and impeach this ridiculous buffoon”

· “If Congress doesn’t stand up to him. We’re heading that way.”

In New York, protesters stretched at least eight blocks chanted: ‘He cheats, he lies, open up your eyes’ near the Trump International Hotel on the edge of Central Park.

I think he’s got a mean personality,’ said marcher Edith Cresmer, a 78-year-old urban planner. ‘But the worst thing about him is how he incited peoples’ fears and pits them against each other.

While U.S citizens are outraged about the new President’s policy changes and immigration ban, Donald Trump justifies his actions by stating the following:

Our obligation is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the United States. We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism”.

Is the President really trying to protect the American people or is his agenda to divide and conquer?

One thing Donald Trump has yet to understand is, America is considered the land of the free, because it welcomes people of all nationalities, races, gender and religions.

If Donald Trump does not get the picture, the American people will continue to refer to him as “NOT BE MY PRESIDENT”.