[Infographics] 16 Ways to Increase Web Conversions and Reduce Bounce Rate

Online businesses are taking on the internet with a storm. Ecommerce stores are emerging out of every corner of the world and by now 40% of the world’s population has an access to internet. Since the market is huge, big fishes are the most predominant and are having larger piece of the pie. This rarely gives newbies and small business a chance to outstand in the market.

The story doesn’t end here, there are several obstacles a small business must pass to have its pie. Bounce rate and low conversion rates are the first problem. Therefore, reputable web design agency in Dubai have found ways to counter it.

Following are 16 ways to increase your conversion rate and reduce your bounce rate on company website. These tips and ways can surely help you out in reaching your business goals efficiently.

Source Link: http://www.dubaimonsters.ae/blog/infographics/increase-web-conversions-and-reduce-bounce-rate/

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