The Pursuit of Androgyny
Lola Phoenix

Hi Lola,

My opinion is that androgyny is not something you see in a Google images/photo search. We may seek these images to find a way to “present” or “view” what androgyny should/could “look” like…and feel dissatisfied every time. Anyone living their life from a place of deep internal connection has the likelihood of being dissatisfied with not finding their aesthetic representations on Google. Androgyny to me is who/how/what you love outside of a cultural gender assignment. Your community is not on Google images, and seriously, that aesthetic is commercial and boring. Your heart is bold and your love is far more sophisticated than Google. We must build/curate our communities not by starting with references to Google searches; I personally believe we should dismiss those out of hand rather than continue to be irritated by them. You may have some ideas of what YOU would like to see in an image search for “androgynous”, and I may, too, and they may be totally different! Yet, in our hearts, we FEEL and LOVE as androgynous beings.

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