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Can our moment of pause in the eerie light of the corona be also a “teachable moment”?

The sea was wet as wet could be, the sand was dry as dry. You could not see a cloud because no cloud was in the sky. No birds were flying overhead. There were no birds to fly. (Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll, 1871)

As the world began to comprehend the measures required to slow the spread of the new pandemic, a sharp decrease in human activity has occurred. …

“Hear now this, O foolish people and without understanding, that have eyes and see not, that have ears and hear not”. Jeremiah 5:21

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NASA Apollo 8 Earthrise

The year is 2019 and everyone is talking about the environment, especially in the wake of the school strike for climate change, started by the remarkable Scandinavian teenager Greta Thunberg. It seems to be a new conversation but, in fact, scientists have been speaking, writing and almost screaming about this subject for many years. …


Dr. Miriam Maisel

Family medicine and lifestyle medicine doctor in Tel Aviv, sometime writer and lecturer, promoting a whole food plant based diet, more at

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