Miriam O'Brien
Nov 16, 2015 · 2 min read

You act as though this mythical 7C avg temp rise and 1m sea level rise is suddenly going to happen overnight. It’s not. Such climate changes would happen over many, many centuries, over which time we’d be perfectly capable of adapting to the changes around us.

Really? Says who? Some denier blog you frequent? As reported in our main article, we are on track for change that is ten times faster than any in the past 65 million years. Many species won’t have time to adapt and will disappear.

Even the conservative IPCC reports show that sea level may well rise by a metre by 2100, and it won’t stop there. More recent reports indicate the seas may rise even faster than that. It won’t rise gradually, but in sudden bursts, which will make it even harder to cope with.

I don’t think that global mean surface temperature will rise by 7 C, or at least I hope not. Either we’ll cut emissions soon enough by choice, or economic and social strife from climate change will slow emissions for us. However it’s not impossible, particularly when some people seem to want it to go in that direction with their reluctance to shift to clean energy. There are scientists who have worked out that global mean temperature could well rise by 4 C before this century is out, and it won’t stop there if we keep emitting CO2.

You are thick aren’t you. Read my article. BTW John Cook had nothing to do with the images, though you could hardly blame the people who were trying to lighten the disgusting name-calling from deniers. Were you one of them? From your contemptible reaction I wouldn’t be surprised. And I did castigate Anthony Watts for broadcasting them and the script-kiddie who stole them.

There are more choices than coal or dung for energy. If the fossil fuel advocates were so concerned about the poor, why did they leave it to this late stage to show concern. Where were they for all the twentieth century? Why are many of those same people so against clean air regs?

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