Impowering Apps- My story

Welcome to my first blog post and thank you for joining me! I aim to post on a weekly basis so make sure to keep checking in and if you would like me to discuss a particular relevant topic please contact me. My blogs will focus on people with disabilities, communication and technology. But first, let me tell you a bit about me and the journey to developing my very own start-up business. Impowering Apps was established in October 2015 by myself as a result of seeing first hand the impact that technology has had on people with disabilities.
Since I was in primary school; 6th class to be more specific, I always knew I wanted to work with people with disabilities. This was a passion that resulted from engaging with people with disabilities when my mom first began working in the sector. I continued on to complete my leaving certificate in 2008 and was then accepted onto a social care course in the Institute of Technology Tralee. After four years of blood, sweat and tears I graduated from IT Tralee in 2012 with an Honors Degree in Social Care. I immediately began working in the disability sector through an agency. I also began working with an organisation where I completed a college placement and on an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) home tuition programme. The collaboration of each of these environments have developed me into the practitioner that I am today. I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge, experience and life lessons. However, I was not finished with the education system.
I returned to IT Tralee in 2014 to commence a Masters by Research where I experienced first hand the impact that technology can have on a person with a disability. I developed a communication App for children with Autism; with many of them reaching potentials I never thought imaginable. This was one of the many reasons that my passion for merging people with disabilities with technology was fueled.
The use of communication is essential for each one of us on a daily basis; thus, it is crucial that we support people with disabilities to increase their communication skills. As a result of knowledge, experience and qualifications I decided to become an entrepreneur and set up Impowering Apps.
Impowering Apps focuses on merging people with disabilities with technology. I hold a particular focus on the use of mobile devices for the purpose of communication; however, I also recommend mobile devices and Apps for other areas of a persons life. I use an evidence based approach to assessing people for the use of mobile devices and Apps. All assessments take place either in the home, school or day service of the person so as to ensure that they are not impacted upon by entering a clinical type setting- familiarity is comfort! I also provide training to people with disabilities, parents, carer’s, professionals and organisations in the areas of: communication systems (for example, the picture exchange communication system- PECS), mobile devices (iPads, Tablets and Smartphones) and Apps (e.g. communication, social skills, education, leisure). The benefits of these types of technologies speak for themselves; however, one of the most important aspects to consider before buying technology or Apps is matching the person to the right type of technology to utilised a strengths-based approach. At Impowering Apps we are committed to developing an evidence and strengths based approach to empowering people with disabilities through the use of technology. So, if you would like to receive training, support or a consultation on communication, mobile devices or Apps why not give me a call on 085–7020111 or email
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