What is your prize?

Seye was lost in thought ...she hadn't expected that question. ..at least not from him. He was offering her money for sex!

She looked at him again..Chief Gbenga Okechukwu Titus. He had the typical appearance of a Nigerian sugar daddy... A protruding pot-bellied stomach, a retracting hairline, an annoying accent and an arrogant character.

If only she didn't need him to sign those documents. Mrs. Bankole, her branch manager, had earlier today warned her not to lose any more account especially with the most recent recession in the country. She was to close this deal or go home.

Go home ? If only she could afford that luxury, she thought to herself. She could barely survive on her meager salary talk less of being jobless. What would happen to mama, the overdue house rent and her younger brother in Unizik. She didn't even have any money saved.

"Everyone has a prize pretty...what's your prize ?" Chief asked.

She almost didn't hear him repeat the question, lost in her thought.----

She had to do it. It was the only way to save the situation. To save herself and her family. She had to do it. Damn, the consequences.

Having made up her mind, Seye looked up at Chief, took a deep long breathe, then walked slowly towards him.

"My Prize is the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST that was shed on the cross of calvary... that prize cannot be unpaid for Sir.."

She didn't wait to hear his reply...she walked away...Every step more confident than the other ...

..By the time she got to the elevator, her hands had stopped shaking. All that was left was PEACE from trusting an unknown future in the hands of a capable God.