Six Essentials for Camping that You Need to Carry with You

Feb 7, 2018 · 2 min read

If you are planning for a camping trip, you need to know the essentials to bring with you. Below are some of the important accessories and devices like portable generators that you should not leave behind when you go camping.

Solar Shower

Many people hate having to take a cold shower. Some just cannot do it because it triggers their allergic reactions. Whichever the reasons, this should not stop you from freshening up whenever you go camping. You can use the solar shower to make sure that you stay clean every day while you are at camp.

Carry a Cooler

Thanks to the portable mini fridges and coolers, you can have somewhere to store your food and drinks and keep them fresh. With solar compatible fridges coolers, you do not even have to worry about power. However, if you have a fridge that requires an alternate source of energy, then you can carry a portable generator for the outdoors.

Carry a Solar Flashlight

If you want to avoid the hassle of packing several batteries in your bag or even forgetting to pack them, then you might as well carry a flashlight that does not need a battery replacement. You can get a solar powered flashlight and ensure that you have all the light you need when you go camping. It helps if the bulbs are LED.

Solar Charger Backpack

When you are out hiking, you must often carry a backpack with your first aid kit, some water bottles, and other essentials like sunscreen. However, have you thought about carrying a bag that could charge your phone or even tablet? With the solar charger backpack, you can charge your phone on the go and keep your battery boosted for taking pictures and videos, which you can share with friends.

Have a Lighter

As you prepare to go camping, you should remember to carry a lighter with you. Carrying matches is not a bad idea — but you must leave room for just in case. If by accident the matchbox ends up soaked by water, you need to have an alternative means of lighting your fire.

Carry Rope

It also helps to carry some rope with you. You might think it is insignificant until you reach the outdoors and you realize you need it for a dozen things. Some of the uses include a makeshift clothesline, hanging your cooler away from animals and rescuing someone who is in trouble. Look for more facts about camping at

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