A reflection on gendering, where it goes wrong, and what happens next…

At the family vacation in Moab, everyone is doing their best. It’s not enough, and my day is peppered with the wrong name and pronouns. I hide in my room through dinner so they won’t see me crying.

Original artwork by Miriam Suzanne. Prints and digital downloads available.

Twined Fragments is an ongoing collaboration between authors Allison Washington and Miriam Suzanne. Each fragment is sparked by the previous, as trans women of different generations pass their memories back and forth, reflecting on lives and transitions separated by a quarter-century.

Working through these fragments of reflection lets us touch…

Make grid systems your fallback plan

We’re excited to introduce Susy 3.0, a major update to our popular grid-math calculator — now more focused and flexible than ever. Susy was designed to make layout math easy, without forcing you into generic patterns and ugly markup. But grid systems are on…

Miriam Suzanne

Author, artist, musician, dev, queer—at miriamsuzanne.com, ridingsidesaddle.com, @OddBird, @SassSusy, @Real_CSS_Tricks, and @teacupgorilla.

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