Why did you to travel for the first time

As I bike thru the city of San Francisco, my new home, I remember the feeling of moving thru a city with this freedom. I've felt this before as I was biking my way to school in the Netherlands. It's been almost 10 years I used to live there and owned a bike.

Changing cities is like changing skins, I behaved differently due to the fact that I had to live in the Netherlands. I didn't speak the language, I didn't know anyone and so I had to do as the Dutch do, ride a bike everywhere.

Now in San Francisco, I picked up on biking again. It seemed so inviting and logical to move around the city like this. Also, techies here know that in terms of the amount of energy a person must expend to travel a given distance, cycling is calculated to be the most efficient self-powered means of transportation.

But as I pedal away to work, I start to think how many times I have reinvented myself to adapt to my surroundings, there is to me a strange seduction to living thru new customs, savoring a new city, decoding new accents.

Suddenly I start to think, why do we travel and move away from our home country? Why do endure the struggles of adapting to a new culture, new customs and new flavors? I stop with my bike at a red light.

I left the first time my family and friends because I was bored and unhappy. I didn't know who I was and I hated my family back then. I couldn't understand our ways and our fights.

I wanted to scape.

Surely it was sunnier on the other side… of the world

So I left home for 2 months when I was fifteen. I didn't want a quinceañera. "Dad, can you give me the money you would have spent in a big quinceañera party and let go to Paris? I found an educational program to sugar-coat my trip — perfecto. He said yes and I was ready to scape and see the world. This was my chance.

The rest is history. 30+ plus countries later, I am still traveling and letting each new culture shape me. Move me in every way, mold me into new habits .I managed to live in Europe for a whole year later on and 4 years in Asia.

I pedal faster now, breathing the cool air as I go up hilly San Francisco and I start thinking again…

I left because I hated my life and even though every new city I arrived to I am always afraid and nervous, the journey has meant everything to me. It has taught me to love my family. When I left I hated them, and I didn't want to go back ever yet as the journey around the world revolves, my heart appreciates home and family even more.

It took me 30 plus countries and thousands of milles to appreciate my family as they are, love them as they are.

As as I loved them more, I accepted who I was and embraced where I came from.

What made you travel for the first time? Did you find yourself craving for the very thing you ran away from?

I know I did.

Now I keep moving. Biking, flying, catching trains.