Why writing is so fucking hard.
Vid Juračić

While I agree with your proverbial two cents, I feel writing prose has an added difficulty in terms of the effort required to communicate an idea well.

Other art forms let you capture and project an idea into the world, even without you having to fully wrap your head around it beforehand. In that regard, one might say other forms of art cut their creators some slack.

In writing, however, in order to “capture” an idea, it has to unravel in one’s mind in all of its detailed and intricate glory. And then it has to be intelligently synthesized using natural language which is more often than not — lacking.

Describing something well is intrinsically hard. As a trivial example, people tend to favour drawing directions than writing them down. And it gets increasingly more difficult as we try to tackle and explore more abstract ideas (e.g. feelings).
That being said, I love the article and your writing style :)

PS I used prose in the first sentence because if you’re in the haiku business, then you’re kinda off the hook :)

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