Why medium.com is great

Yes, I know. This post is not about food and innovation which I usualy write about for Tojeto on medium. And yes, I will continue writing about food. This time, I would like to share my thoughts why medium.com is a great platform to share ideas.

First of all, I tried many different blogging platforms. Many of the blogs on them share more or less all same noise. Starting from nonsense headlines such as -5 habits to become rich- to all sorts of useless things. But I have to admit, some of the blogs have real good content, but most of them have not. Even if you publish serious content, you got not really noticed.

Medium is different.

I published several stories within several weeks and all them were read. On medium.com, good ideas and serious content have the chance to get attention. Medium appreciates what you write. I became a top writer in 4 topics within 6 weeks. Additionally, the growing numbers of followers and readers give me a strong feeling of satisfaction.

It is wonderful platform to make your venture known to the world. It is place where you can share ideas and other facts.

When you open your medium app, you always find good stories about different topics. You actually can be lost and miss your train stop. Yes, this is true.

I really appreciate medium.com really much and all readers, which spend some of their precious time to read the stories on it. Included mine.

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