Informal Story Proposal

I’m thinking about writing a story for long-run. May not be a story-story. Part of it is based on true life experience.

I should start by saying that I want to write about someone who holds a significant place in my life. I have a boyfriend and am currently in a very satisfying relationship. But all of this wouldn’t have happened if I haven’t met that one person in my life.

He didn’t teach me any significant lessons other than one: timing.

He came into my life and left in less than half a year. We didn’t have all that much communications. Unsaid was much more than said. Everyone around me told me to normalize his occurence and disappearance — he was a foreign student on co-op. People kept telling me that there you should get used to this, blablabla. People also told me that it’s just your first time falling in love like this, you’ll forget about him very soon. Days and months pass by, these statements became less true.

Everyone is enchanted by the idea of soul-mate. Soul-mate is supposed to be unique, special — you can’t have many soul-mates. That person is your other half; you can’t have too many other-halves.

The more I grow and the more I see things, the more the definition of soul-mate is beginning to shake. Because I now have a perfect partner with me and I love him a lot, but the bottom of my heart is not willing to deny one simple truth: that person, is not any more or less fitting for me as a partner than my current boyfriend.

I spent too much time trying to pick his shortcomings, in what and which way he would be a bad partner. The truth is simply that he would still probably make a really good partner — just in different perspectives.

There are no such thing as fitting or not fitting. People are not marked down by labels and simple categories. Human beings are dimensional creatures. We have many dimensions to ourselves and we differ in each one of these dimensions. As long as the timing is right — you share the same goals, at the same stage of your lives, at the same level of maturity, etc. — you come around as fitting. Your dimensions copy each other? That is fitting. Your dimensions compliment each other? That’s still fitting.

But the timing though……Timing is a bitch.

Bear the above statements in mind as you read my stories. (If anyone is reading)



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