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Companies all around the world are acknowledging the importance of customer experience. Much like the physical world, the end-to-end experience of a product is what delights users. Ultimately your digital product should not only satisfy the user’s needs but also provide the secret sauce that makes them fall in love and keep coming for more!

Design handoff is a crucial part of a project’s success. Well-communicated designs will make your end-product look polished, refined and beautiful. Although this happens later on in the design process, giving software engineers the right information and tools to do their work can make or break the final product. …

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Solving a complicated order management system for one of the largest independent pharmacies in the US is no joke. This pharmacy specialized in selling high-cost, high complexity drugs, which are used to treat rare chronic diseases like Hepatitis C, Hemophilia, HIV, and others. They have a huge network of patients and physicians, which has to be connected better. So they approached me with specific issues they need solving:

🤔 The Challange
Most of their partner physicians have a need to review patient information and track prescriptions. …

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Nowadays there is lots of conversation around design as a functional component in a product. …


Miro Kirov

Lead UX Designer. Ex @atlassian @softserveinc @despark . Jury Member @cssdesignawards @HorizonAwards @vegaawards . Design thinker. Dad.

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