Companies all around the world are acknowledging the importance of customer experience. Much like the physical world, the end-to-end experience of a product is what delights users. Ultimately your digital product should not only satisfy the user’s needs but also provide the secret sauce that makes them fall in love and keep coming for more!

Design handoff is a crucial part of a project’s success. Well-communicated designs will make your end-product look polished, refined and beautiful. Although this happens later on in the design process, giving software engineers the right information and tools to do their work can make or…

Solving a complicated order management system for one of the largest independent pharmacies in the US is no joke. This pharmacy specialized in selling high-cost, high complexity drugs, which are used to treat rare chronic diseases like Hepatitis C, Hemophilia, HIV, and others. They have a huge network of patients and physicians, which has to be connected better. So they approached me with specific issues they need solving:

🤔 The Challange
Most of their partner physicians have a need to review patient information and track prescriptions. Unfortunately, these processes were currently happening through the pharmacy’s call centers. …

Nowadays there is lots of conversation around design as a functional component in a product. It’s crucial to optimize for functionality, but sometimes in the process, we neglect the importance of beauty. Creating aesthetically beautiful products does not only bring joy but ultimately makes your users fall in love with your product.
Although visual design as a discipline takes years to master, there are certain rules that everyone, regardless of their role and level, can start using today. …

I. About

👋 Intro

Atlassian Corporation is an enterprise software company that is best known for its product Jira, a project management tool used by millions around the world. Slack is one of the most popular communication software in today’s technological world. Together with a well-versed team of a project manager, eight developers, a content writer, we set out to understand how we can integrate the two platforms together.

🚨 The Problem

We needed to find a way to define how a widely used project management tool can operate within the constraints of a collaboration software. The stakes for this project were high as issues with installation…


The client has a massive chain of consumer goods stores all across the UK. One of their core strengths is the full-circle of the services they provide. They succeed to do so, by closing the loop between buying consumer goods and offering broadband & TV packages in-stores.

The Problem

They had more than 40k employees, a big part of which are working as sales consultants in the physical stores. They use a sales tool, a hybrid app, to pitch deals (or “packages”) to customers and sign them up on the spot. …

👋 About the client
This client was one of the largest independent specialty pharmacies in the US. They specialize in selling high-cost, high complexity drugs, which are used to treat rare chronic diseases like Hepatitis C, Hemophilia, HIV, and others…

🤔 The Challange
Most of their patients have reoccurring needs for prescriptions and medications, all of which are ordered through paper forms or the pharmacy’s call centers. This slow process brings multiple complications for the patients and the pharmacy.

Having that in mind, we set out to create a plan for action.


Our main plan was divided into three stages:

Miro Kirov

Lead UX Designer. Ex @atlassian @softserveinc @despark . Jury Member @cssdesignawards @HorizonAwards @vegaawards . Design thinker. Dad.

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