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Let’s look at the concept of Value vs Reference. Every JavaScript developer should know this topic as it’s often the reason behind bugs in today’s applications. Also, it’s often one of the job interview questions.

I will cover the basics as easily as I can in this short article.

TLDR: you can generate a website with static website generator tools such as gatsbyjs, host it for free on GitHub-pages or firebase with HTTPS, and CloudFlare non-www to www redirect. A Contact form can be easily setup without server-side code Formspree.

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A while ago I decided to build a website in javascript. I didn’t want to use PHP and WordPress as I usually do for a simple presentation website. My first choice was some server side javascript framework for nodejs (such as sailsjs). I didn’t want to build my own VPS to run nodejs, so I would need to pay…

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This article is written for Angular 2+. At the time of writing the latest version was Angular 4.

Update (June 2019): Still valid for Angular 8

It’s written for beginners — if you are an advanced or intermediate Angular developer you probably already know all these techniques.

Edit: Although, the title of this article is a bit misleading because we do not want to communicate between components directly. Our components should be isolated and encapsulated. I chose this title because I think developers struggling with this will be googling it this way.

How to communicate between components? This is the…

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