You’ve never mentioned a place in passing and then randomly started seeing mobile ads for that place? I certainly have.”
Your Phone is Stalking You
Paul Cantor

Yep, this happened to me so many times. Place completely outside of mine (or any of my friends) interests gets mentioned — the ad is there next day.

Additionally, even though I know apps track our movement and am allowing to do so by myself, I still get very uncomfortable when I am being asked to review the restaurant I just had dinner at..

We’re definitely becoming the slaves of our smart phones, desperately looking for a chargers all the time, reading hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant notifications with no other purpose that to sell us something (or sell us) and to draw our focus from the important things in life…

Recently, I lost my smartphone and was using “stupid” phone for couple of weeks. Result was great — I started noticing a little things around me, relying more on myself, and started looking for a better way to entertain myself (reading, , walking, learning something new, etc.).

Still, smartphones can come very handy in certain situations (eg. when traveling somewhere for the first time) — it may all come to being smart about how and when smart phones are being used.