Break Free of FEAR

Graphics by Casey Elizabeth McDonald
Fear is a figment of illusion that has been programmed into our minds for many years and lifetimes.
Identify with set restrictions that are upon you.

Feel the feelings and reserve your convictions until after properly assessing any situation after the feeling of fear has passed.

Many believe fear will hold you accountable, but it is your mind that will do more damage than the fear. It is a play on the structure of the brain. Rewire the structure and set the patterns free, to create the proper ingredients for harmony.

Love the fear that bestows upon you.

Awaken the blockage by addressing it head on. Many layers of fear are rooted in the biological makeup of the human design. We are infinite beings that should not perceive the world through tinted glasses, but rather through a structural intelligence system that eliminates the quest for obstruction.

Fear is the embodiment of destruction, one that should not be ignored. Fear is just change amplified…

Why fight the feeling of change? Change is ultimately the course you are afraid of. Without change there is no growth. Question the reasons behind fear.

Ask yourself why is this fear holding me back? Should you wander through life aimlessly in wonder ?

How many times in your life have you come across somebody that has an obscure amount of regrets. Do you want to circulate through life submitting to the permissions of your thoughts.

Or, would you rather free yourself from the internal battles that hold you captive? The answer is for you to discern. But the solutions are needed deep in the resurrection of your own divinity.

Feel fierce fire that breeds temptation to the heart of an issue. Relax into it and, pause.

When you pause you create a energetic force that blasts the electromagnetic fields open. You are no longer a prisoner to past beliefs. You become more present and in a natural state.

The ability to approach fear in the NOW is more awakened by suggestion to thought. When you silence that pestering fear you divulge in harmony, which creates a rippling effect. These rippling effects are like a sonar wave that traverses miles upon miles into the distance.

By silencing the fear, and becoming harmonious you are awakening conformity in others. People may not understand the change but they can feel it, as the energy is their. The unseen powers of energy and it’s magnitude are implicating a shift in perception.

That shift can alter the process of fear.

Rather than destruct yourself through fear, have the courage to stand in your essence and embrace it.

Break Free of your FEAR today, so the milestones can make their way!

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