Energetic Paradigms

Art By: Mirror Casey

Surrounding metaphysical spaces between two souls. Basking deeper, treading unknown surfaces, limitations endless, flowing with conscious synchronization. Trust, Communication, Twists and Twirls of FATE. Underlying momentum pulling towards the unimaginable. Enriching in quality and structure of each core. Blasted with sparks of energy that ignite flames deep within.

One step closer but a trillion steps away, the masks, unveil themselves to the essence of being human. Unafraid, excited, pressing against the ambiguous. Morphing the truest self. Let it be, present and alone, discovering, desiring the transition into bliss.

Two energetic bubbles bounce freely, accepting each with grace and beauty. Gratitude for the creation of time and space. Devouring the humanitarian features. Crimson and Indigo, they match for moments, awakening the sparks of starlight within each other. Like the moth to a flame, may it be burned into desire.

Drifting back and forth, unsure of the magnitude, witnessing the present, allowing fortitude to be captured, receiving a presence through divinity. The inevitable begins its course. Shifting tracks, turning laps, making it splash, erasing the past.

Unavailable but in love, with the thought of love, sensing pheromones, vibrations of the heart, head healing, shadows no longer dwelling. Moments pass, slowly forgetting the wrath, manufacturing nothing more than the trance.

Dancing with the silhouette of another soul, parallels, and paradigms, continue to conjure and unfold. Manifesting reality two souls created, paralleled to ignite the light within each other. No more pain to hide, just glimpses of remembering. Forgiven for the future, without forgetting the past.

Traces of debris scattered about, landmarks conquered, imaginative minds delve deeper into the silence and it’s sound. Opened eyes, bright but fighting for their rights. Miracles of life, visible in hidden corners of a soul. Facing curiosity but yielded by the untold, the mold and scrubbing away the history that led us to be bold.

Breathing deeply into the fibers of our beings, reflected a total eclipse of our hearts. Least expecting a thorn to pierce the armor of your heart……Ahhhhh…. breathing…… there it comes, washing away worries and feeding emotions to your heart in the wholeness of light.

Remembering the moments in time that stopped, held still, the wheel of life stopped turning for split seconds, a pause filtered the space, breathing yet again. Happiness arose along the way, caressing the sweet rhythms, swaying the world around you, opening your heart to its vital journey.

Caught, swirling in time and space. Infinite soul parallels crossed paths, to guide, to heal, to love, to teach a story that must be learned and can only be experienced. Air weaves through the fabric of time, dissolving the chaos and arising in peace. The greatest cycle of duality is closing, and unity begins.

The breath reminds us to awaken deeper into the self, place no disposition or fears on goals. Rather living in essence, sharing, creating a family of light. Opening hearts deeper, realizing divine paradigms, embracing fractal expressions, giving power to love and unity.

Dimensional hearts, exploding into each other eyes, creating space for presence, universal and planetary awareness, seeking to share energy and harmony in other planes of existence. Open yourself up and BE YOU, the magical journey can then begin once you consciously make a decision to grow.

Divine energetic paradigms explode outward into particles of space dust and flutter there GOODNESS around the paths they cross. Gracious lights in duality, creating a life that arouses each human essence. Blessings for open hearts, kindred souls, and love that is deeper than the unimaginable.