Existence beneath the Surface

Human reality is the existence of living, our reality today worships hardships, suffocation, and inferiority. Masked, veiled and imprisoned by our laws, power and structure. The past is suffocating the essence of being in the Present and Now.

Our service to OUR planet is self destructing in war; seen and unforeseen…….Change the Digression of Earth.

/////////// THE TIME IS NOW ////////////

The magical makeup of what once WAS, and IS now today is a corpses juxtaposition. Do we fight for the truest identities that protect the greater good of humanity? or Do we repeat the cycle and invoke more suffering and disposition?

Mesmerized, demoralizing and powerless we approach a new age of existence! The battle of the human forces, as we delve deeper, we are re-awakening the planet, folding back the layers, re-soiling the grounds of desperation and creating space for a new evolution to surface.

Transmission of transformation, reviving the delicate, fueling the flames of deep passions. The gifts that light can offer are blossoming the wilted roses and the cut-down trees. It’s unstoppable and happening underneath the stigmas of media, forcing our focus away from being mindful of the real issues.

As we begin to start breathing prosperity into our mindsets of self-expressing thoughts, we slowly start changing the universal coding. We open up the doorways to unimaginable possibilities. It takes one person’s kindness and love to start expanding outward.

Enough of this hate for and from humanity people! We are all the same on the inside, we just have to look a little deeper than what the surface provides. The only thing that holds you back is YOU! We are all beings of light and love. Rip the layers off, question everything, love fully, be kind, share your life and be free.

Invisible to the naked eyes, but ever so effervescent, the profound reconstruction of the weakened system begins. Their are energetic fields surrounding and nourishing life as we know it. If left alone the collapse of the great kingdoms will diminish. Let’s learn together how to raise our power in numbers up and with ascension for the greater good.

Rooted in the source of subjugation , suggested in the realms ruled by knowledge, the shift is creating space for deeper meditation, healing and the magic of community to grace our world by authenticating reality. Lifting the spirits of humanity is a mission and the story shall be told……..

Power is corrupt if lead by the hands of degradation, the mistaken fallacies of fiction drizzle into the cracks of antiquities. Life-force relies on the dimensions of time and space to create happiness, forgive the past for its immeasurable naivety and began to forge new steps in creating a humble whole heartened home.

As I fade into the backgrounds of your minds, I ask you to PAUSE for a moment. Consider how you as each individual person can make our planet and our HOME a more sustainable living environment.

We are reflections of the Earth, and we have been given these incredible gifts that are unique to each individual. Use them for a positive purpose.Do you wish to see our Planet in despair or thriving ?

Take the necessary actions each day to uplift the HUMAN RACE!

The Power of Existence relies on it, and we are the Key!


Eye of the Tiger

Original Painting By: Mirror Casey