Looking Deeper

Beyond the deepest darkest measures of vulnerabilities lies a hidden realm within us. Hate. A low vibration resonating in dull, stagnant energy. It forces lethargic, contemplative patterns of unwavering misunderstandings. The lines begin to fade, evolving through mysticism of frailty and the rawness begins to blur.

Time is blasted into pieces, silently awakening the light that encapsulates the fierce gusts of the winds, many deep breathes into the morsels of ambiguity, the whispers of the promise land imposes suggestions. Without fear and scarcity we can begin to watch the waves tremble down our faces, raindrops of light glistening sweet sensual teardrops, aromatic senses sweltering around the surface of our human experience. Our feet dig deep into the folded back layers of our earth, grounding deeper into the mystical creation of what holds us upright and at the forefront of our new perspectives.

Elements of creation; wind, fire, water and earth the divine energy. We are all makers of this planetary experiment, we all have roles and reflections to endure, the work is never done and the equation is just starting to embody the universal exchanges from the past. Awakening the sleeping society is a force that cannot be transmuted into metals but rather morphed into the butterfly that has lived so long inside its cocoon. The process is delicate, beneath the surface is a world of ethereal mysticism…..beyond and above, below and underneath……

Forming into an actuality of my being. I believe it has long been waiting for the transmission to happen. Awakening the sleeping beauty into the purpose of the human experience. Fluttering into the thought by my senses rather than thought by traditional means of understanding. Sounds and whispers are present and the guides are carrying my broken wings into fruition.

Not measured by time but released into a morphing of another existence. My experiment with helping a lost young soul through thoughts of self-destruction ripped open the layers of my ideals and a beautiful transformation started to happen. I became her guide through her pain and used the magic of the plain we live on to express her importance of her work, passion and grace on this planet.

Through the guided ritual of Mother Earth Medicine we began to unfold the layers of her heart, expression and purpose. Pulling her from a dying bed of sadness and regret we began; guiding her through a ritual of the elements to awaken the sleeping beauty, she became more vibrant rather than weak. Filling her up with LOVE and embracing her heart and protecting it from herself. She did the work YES, so proud of her but it just came to me to guide her in that way!

From this it spiraled me into a deep knowledge of what I have forgotten, still trying to understand the meaning behind the messages, but I am tuned in and listening to the signs and whispers from my soul and the universe of realms I have forgotten about.

Support systems for individuals make huge impacts and carry significance forward. Building community by lifting up all the people. Each person offers beautiful qualities unique to them, we need to learn about them, take the covers off and smell the sweet scents of life. Communities are built on core values, structure and for a perfect union with lots of LOVE.

Dimensions and beyond are awakening beneath my human layers, the beings of light are shining through, creating rippling effects of LOVE. Unified by the existence of connection. Start making your connections today, lift someone up, make them laugh and smile. It start’s with small gestures which gives people HOPE!

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